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Maybe you haven’t reached the point where your project is well-formulated and you just need some existing condition inventories so you can determine what your constraints may be. We have the skills, remote sensing equipment and experience to complete inventories of natural heritage features that can guide the development of your project idea. At the opposite end, we can provide high-quality monitoring during or after your project is constructed as part of conditions of your permits or approvals. We strive to find efficiencies in conducting multiple surveys during field visits to provide a better value proposition for your project. 

Below are some projects that we've completed in this sector

Highway 69 Bass Spawning and Nursery Post-Construction Monitoring

Highway 69 Maternal Bat Roost Inventory Research

Clear Lake Estates Massassauga Hibernation Habitat Monitoring

Lake Temagami Walleye Spawning Site Post-Construction Monitoring

Temiscaming Dam Walleye Egg Mat Post-Construction Monitoring

Ring of Fire Forest Bird Inventory