Richard Rowe

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Senior Biologist, Principal

Richard Rowe

25 Years of Experience

Richard gained most of his experience as a biologist with FRi Ecological Services, Nipissing First Nation and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (North Bay, Brockville, Aylmer and London).  This experience includes fish habitat review and permitting, fish habitat assessment, rehabilitation, mitigation and compensation design and negotiation.  He has gained an extensive background in natural resource management and natural environment assessment studies including migratory birds, Species at Risk and significant wildlife habitat.

Extensive Experience with all aspects of Provincial Transportation Studies

Richard’s experience with Provincial Highway Assignments includes conducting 100s of investigations involving aquatic and terrestrial impact assessments and development of mitigation measures for preliminary & detail designs and design build projects. He has also been involved in sediment & erosion control risk assessments, and fulfilled multiple roles during contract administration assignments, including fisheries compliance specialist, environmental inspection and sediment & erosion control specialist. 

Fisheries Management, Fish Habitat Management

During ten years as a Management Biologist with MNR, Richard developed a high level of expertise in fisheries assessment and management.  He wrote several fisheries management plans for large lakes and zones within Ontario and was involved in many fish habitat improvement projects, large and small scale.  Richard continued his career as Natural Resources Manager at Nipissing First Nation, where he developed all components of a sustainable commercial fisheries management program.

Significant Wildlife Habitat and Ecological Land Classification

Richard was a main contributor to the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources’ Significant Wildlife Habitat Technical Guide, and a crew leader/soils expert during the inception of the Ecological Land Classification program in the province.