Katie Schankula

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Field Biologist

Katie Schankula

Previous Studies

Katie completed her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science in 2023 with a focus on Ecology. During her studies at the University of Guelph, Katie partnered with a site remediation laboratory to research effective methods for detecting hydrocarbons in contaminated sediment samples. She also conducted case studies concerning the effects of moisture and temperature on invertebrate survival, and the effect of forest fragmentation on the evolution of autogamy in wildflowers.  

Work Experience

Katie has experience conducting regulatory species surveys to comply with both federal and provincial legislation. Her previous work experience involved working as a species at risk research assistant for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, conducting baseline amphibian, avian, and reptile surveys to aid in population analyses. Katie also has experience in community engagement, working with Ontario Parks and the Ministry of Natural Resources to encourage the public to interact with nature in a safe manner.

Native, Invasive, and Species at Risk

Katie has experience with a variety of native wildlife, species at risk, and invasive species. She has worked closely with bats, tracking maternity roost activity, studying wolf social behaviors and interbreeding, monitoring Blanding’s turtles’ nests and designing nest mounds, and presence/absence surveys for invasive species such as phragmites and Japanese knotweed.