Danny Benson

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Associate Technologist (Timbercraft Consultation Inc.)

Danny Benson

Preparation of over 400 complete aggregate permit and licence applications 

Danny has experience with all the aspects of the MNR Licences and Permits applications including; centimetre & sub-meter RTK GPS field data collection, detailed site plans, cross sections detailed site plan notes, summary statements and ensuring all the components of the Aggregates Resources Act are met prior to submit ion.

Approved by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry for A licence applications.

Danny has experience with A & B licence applications working on MNR designation RFP contracts. The aggregate licences were located throughout Ontario. Danny has completed 200+ Licences .

Over 35 years field experience

Danny started his career with the Ministry of Natural Resources as a forestry technician, working in a nursery and then became involved with the Ministry of Natural Resources Northeast Science and Technology Program taking on the role as a provincial auditor. In the 15 years with the MNR Danny was involved with the Walleye index netting program, Lake surveys and Lake inventory surveys, Bear density surveys and the Forest Inventory program.

Danny moved into the forest industry as a harvest supervisor and Compliance Specialist on the Gordon Cousins Forest.


Danny has been working with high accuracy RTK GPS combined with commercial drones to produce 3D models of dam sites, mine sites, tailing ponds and aggregate sites for volume calculations. We utilize several types of drones including two aerial platforms;  fixed wing, rotary wing machines and a small catamaran boat with a high accuracy depth finder for bathymetric surveys. We combine our RTK GPS into our drone surveys to create high accuracy 3D models, digital elevation models and contour maps.