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Meet the Team

FRICORP prides itself on providing a flexible team delivering exceptional customer service.

Our senior staff: Richard Rowe, Rod Bilz and Rebecca Geauvreau are all former employees of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources with over 70 years of combined experience in the field of natural resource management. Each of our staff brings a unique value proposition to the team and ultimately to your project.

If your project requires expertise beyond our traditional services, we can assemble a professional team utilizing our staff and our highly qualified associates to provide one-stop shopping.


Rod Bilz

Environmental Specialist

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Richard Rowe

Senior Biologist, Principal

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Rebecca Geauvreau

Species at Risk Biologist

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Hannah Wolfram


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Katie Schankula

Field Biologist

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Karen Beauchamp

Associate Planner (Clearwater Planning Inc.)

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Danny Benson

Associate Technologist (Timbercraft Consultation Inc.)

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