Red Lake Advanced Exploration

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To the bat cave!

Little Brown Myotis and Northern Myotis Hibernation Habitat, Overall Benefit Permit


Develop mitigation and overall benefit for Little Brown Myotis and Northern Myotis to acquire an Overall Benefit Permit under the Endangered Species Act (2007).


Pure Gold Mining Inc. has acquired 100% ownership of more than 45 square kilometres of contiguous patented land for advanced exploration and potential for a new gold discovery in the Red Lake District.


Develop a way forward to continue with advanced exploration activities while respecting the maintenance of hibernation habitat for two endangered bat species.


FRi Ecological Services developed a suite of mitigation measures and a means to achieve overall benefit for these two endangered species at the site that will allow operations at the Red Lake Site.


The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry issued an Overall Benefit Permit to Pure Gold Mining Inc. under Section 17 (2)(c) of the Endangered Species Act (2007).