Port Severn Heights Residential/Commercial Development

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Balance development with protection of multiple threatened and endangered species.

Obtain permits and approvals under the Endangered Species Act (2007) for a 375-unit residential/commercial development in Port Severn


Conduct all necessary surveys and studies to support applications for Overall Benefit Permits for multiple threatened and endangered species including: Eastern hog-nosed snake, Massasauga, Eastern foxsnake, Blanding’s turtle, Spotted turtle, Whip-poor-will, Eastern Meadowlark, Bobolink and Barn Swallow.


Timberlee Glen Developments Ltd. is a land development firm located in Toronto that specializes in residential/commercial developments.


Develop a phased plan to obtain the required permits and approvals under the Endangered Species Act (2007) to allow for the logical development of a residential/commercial development.


FRi Ecological Services was able to obtain two Letters of Approval for the commercial development and a portion of the Phase 1 residential development. Iterative consultations with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry resulted in two Overall Benefit Permits for the remainder of Phase 1 and the entire Phase 2 of the development.


The Client is now in the position to develop the property or partner with a builder or sell it with all approvals.