Maley Drive Extension

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Saving motorists more than 457,000 hours and an estimated 1.13 million litres in fuel each year.

Obtain permits and approvals under the Endangered Species Act (2007) for the extension of Maley Drive from Barry Downe Road to Notre Dame Avenue


Conduct all necessary surveys and studies to support applications for Overall Benefit Permits for Blanding’s turtle and Whip-poor-will.


The City of Greater Sudbury has been planning the extension of Maley Drive for over 25 years. Funding finally became available in 2016 and work has now commenced on the project.


Environmental Assessments had been conducted and updated over the years but when the Endangered Species Act (2007) came into force, the project needed to be re-evaluated under this new lens to ensure compliance.


FRi Ecological Services was able to obtain a Letter of Approval for Union Gas upgrades to construct the Notre Dame/Maley Interchange. An Overall Benefit Permit under Section 17 (2)(c) was also obtained for the alteration of 5 Whip-poor-will territories and Blanding’s turtle habitat to permit construction to commence.


The Client is actively constructing the project within the timeframe that funding was available to them.