Axe Lake Vacant Land Condominium Recreational Development

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Unique Atlantic Coastal Plain vegetation reserve.

Gain draft approval of a unique recreational cottage development aimed at preserving and promoting significant vegetation communities


Determine a way to develop a unique cottage property while maintaining the unique Atlantic Coastal Plain vegetation features and values.


Ivan Franko Architects is a developer that fits the development to the site and surroundings. The unique qualities of this site required this to be a different type of cottage development.


The property had multiple values that present challenges for development. There was a provincially significant wetland, a conservation reserve, Atlantic Coastal Plains vegetation communities and species at risk. All of these presented a significant challenge to development.


FRi Ecological Services worked with the developer to create a very different waterfront cottage development where the shoreline and buffer area became a common element within the vacant land condominium concept. Other important components were a community docking location to reduce shoreline impacts and a self-imposed no internal combustion motorized boats on the lake restriction.


The Client has now received Draft Plan Approval for this unusual recreational cottage development.